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News From The Dragon ~

June 8, 2016

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),

My Wing Chun is getting busy. My class last Saturday was on Wing Chun sword and staff.

Then I had instructor camp all week. I do it every year just to stay sharp. Monday to Friday days and evenings. This Saturday my was on Wing Chun Self defense against knife and club.

My school classes at the Grapevine REC center are going well. My newest student has been attending regularly and taking private lessons on the dummy as do 3 of the other students.


Nobody is RSVP for the Sat meetup. New people are joining but no one is coming to learn, practice, or train Wing Chun or anything else.

The group has reached fifty again so I will be deleting 10 of the oldest members that have never attended. Then you won't be receiving any more announcements.

I don't see why you would join then never attend.

If you want a meeting at a different time just call me and we'll meet. I am available from 7am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday. My number is 817 909 3310.