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June 21, 2016

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),

The summer is getting off to a great start.

The Saturday morning 2 hour class at the Grapevine REC center is going strong. Students have been attending for almost 9 months and are about ready to take their test for ranking next month.

The FREE meetup in the park at 945am to 11am has been light. I wish all you people that joined this meetup would have come at least once in a while. But you don't. So what did you join for? It's not to early, it's not to hot, and its FREE !!!

I have 6 students currently taking private lessons, 2 on my wooden dummy and a third will be on the dummy soon. Private lessons outside the REC are only $20 an hour.

If I have to travel outside of Grapevine then I need gas and time money, to be fare.

I've made arrangements with the Grapevine REC center to start accepting ad hoc payments for private lessons any time of the day in any available training room. My availability is 7am to 6pm Mon to Sat.

Private lessons with me in the REC has always been $30 an hour. Very low by their standards. Of course you know they get a good portion of it but you are inside during the hot summer or cold winter with all the amenities.

I will be attending a water Wing Chun class very soon. It come once a year so I always do it. The energy flow and resistance of the water while doing the forms and techniques is very enlightening.

I will also be attending the Dan Inosanto seminar in August and the Francis Fong Seminar in October. I try to make sure I attend both each year.

Call me any time for questions.

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