Dragon Wing Chun             ~  January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell

News From The Dragon ~

August 22, 2016

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),

I had a really great time this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I got in a good 10 hours training despite student cancellations, student vacations, and meetup no shows.

I went to both the Dan Inosanto seminar and the Jon Rister seminar this weekend to make sure I got in all the JKD = Jeet Kune Do = Bruce Lee's Wing Chun Plus from the Dan Inosanto seminar and the pure Wing Chun from the Jon Rister seminar.

Plus I got a good variety of knife and Kali skills from both camps.

I got to train with a lot of my old friends again and train with new people I have never met before. I really love going to the seminars because you usually meet and get to train with someone not at your skill level and so you get to explain and show them techniques. I had several opportunities at both seminars. Many times people are there for the first time and I always look for someone new to train with. ??? GO FIGURE 

I'm so happy that I have been fortunate over the years to learn and perfect my skills by being able to train with many people of different sizes and ages, men and women, many of whom not only taught me skills of the martial arts but of combat and fighting skills in general.

I hope to see some new people RSVP for the meetups and would really like to have some new people register for Dragon Wing Chun classes at the REC center which are every Saturday morning at 730am to 930am.

I teach the Full Wing Chun including Baat Cham Dao Fa, Luk Dim Boon Gwan Fa, Muk Yan Jong Fa, Siu Lim Tao Fa, Chum Qiu Fa and Biu Tze Fa, and the applications and combat battle tactics training for all.

I don't need to mention 15 years of Japanese fight training from 1967 to 1982.

My students receive certificates of attendance and certificates for rank after testing. Testing dates are determined by the students attendance to insure that the student has been given the material on the test and enough time to train for it. The rank given is deserved by the student who has earned it.

Testing and ranking certifications are recognized by Sifu Jon Rister and Sifu Francis Fong and any of their certified Wing Chun instructors who follow their Wing Chun testing curriculum and training.

All students should strive to achieve the black belt instructor level regardless of how long it takes.

The Dan Inosanto Seminar

I am the 8th person in front kneeling on 1 leg from the right.
The guy in the front left center is holding Dan Inosanto's 80th
birthday cake and we all ate it.

The Jon Rister Seminar

I am the next to last person from the right.

Hey Guess What??? My Si-Gung, Francis Fong, has a Wing Chun Seminar in October!!!

Don't forget about the FREE Wing Chun opportunities on Saturdays and don't forget to RSVP and CALL or TEXT me that you are coming or you are there.

You can also call or text me about a FREE private introduction during the week anytime from 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

You see Ip Man and Bruce Lee practicing Wing Chun
Chi Sao - Poon Sao - Luk Sao in these pictures?

I attend Francis Fong and Dan Inosanto Seminars.

Francis Fong is my Wing Chun Si-Gung and Dan Inosanto my Kali Guru.

Several of my instructors were trained by one or the other or both.