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News From The Dragon ~

August 25, 2016

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),

GUESS WHAT!!! - I just got done with a double seminar this weekend and now another one coming up. By the way, the Inosanto seminar cost me $180 for 2 days and the Rister was special deal for $50 for 1 for day of 4 hours.

Guess I'll go again for another tune up since I'm already a black belt with instructor credentials in Wing Chun. I normally go twice a year to the instructor camp and Wing Chun is always half of the camp timeNews From The Dragon.

I you call him, please give him my name, I would appreciate that, maybe he would too!

I have never tried to hide my Sifu's information and many times I announced past and future seminars without fear of some of my meetup members attending a seminar or becoming one of my Sifu's students even though I am accepting students myself. You can check on the discussion board July 27, 2015

News From The Dragon

Guys we are having our semi-annual Instructor candidate camp this October 25 to 29

We will have a day session from 10 to 1 and a afternoon session from 4 to 630 the a private session from 7 to close. the cost is $250 everyone is welcome to first two sessions. Invitations will be given by Risto to final session which will go as late as we want.

Sifu/Guro Jon Rister
President Rister International Martial Arts
Senior Associate Instructor Inosanto Assoc.
Senor Instructor WIng Chun Association USA.
Senior Insructor Jeet kune Do
1119 luke St.#113
Irving Texas 75061