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News From The Dragon ~

September 27, 2016


Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),


I had a great time at Wing Chun seminar.

A good 3.5 hours on forms details including the staff and sword.

My lineage is good and tight (only 3 people between me and Ip Man = meaning not much chance for the information to

be copied down or changed) and my Si-Fu shares Wing Chun secrets with me mostly because I've been with him

almost 5 years and I've paid him thousands of dollars in private lessons and classes.

I've also had many opportunities to train hands on with my Si-Gung (my Si-Fu's Si-Fu) Francis Fong and Guru Dan Inosanto. Francis Fong, was a student of Jiu Wan, who finished his training with Ip Man. Jiu Wan and Ip Man went to the same Wing Chun school together in Foshan China under Si-Fu Chan Wah Shun. Dan Inosanto was a Wing Chun student of Bruce Lee, who was a student of Ip Man.

My Dragon Wing Chun school is doing great. In the last couple weeks got 2 new male students, one age 13 and one young adult. Both seem to be very interested in the art, and happy with class. In this quarter that are learning a combination of Chi Sao/Poon Sao/Luk Sao, Lop Sao and Pac Sao drills, Trapping, Gates, and of course the forms, with primary focus on Siu Lim Tao.

We will have another outting in October with all the students and family invited to go down to the martial arts store and have lunch at the restaurant next door. I normally take of the new students bills. On that day we will have extended class in the park where all who receive this message are invited and to go with us to the outting.

I will be attending the semi annual Wing Chun and Kali Instructor seminar in October which is 4 and a half days and evenings. So twice a year a get to train with another group of people that have good Wing Chun and Kali skills. Since I am already a black belt instructor it is a nice tune up for me and I get to help train most of the attendees.

Call or email me anytime you want to try it out, train, paid private lessons, or paid classes.

Below is a list of seminars I've attended this year.

We are doing A seminar this February on Empty hand Kali and Wing Chun
How they make each other better, Panaukan (suntokahn) Pangamut, and Wing Chun (young Chung) when these two art collide there is a fascinating discovery

we are planning a double stick seminar for March 19th from 12PM to 3 or 4PM
depending on the groups ability to go, we will cover 6 aspects of this structure. including Dobli baston (double Stick) largo, scissor (Guntin), Siniwali 24 ways But Will give formula for 256 drills, Sumbrada two ways (will Give formula for endless combinations, corto or hubad we will teach six Hubads and how to get there from medio and corto, and disarming 12 plus one way.

Instructor training camp Wing Chun and Kali - 2016 May 30,31,and June 1,2 - 24 hours.
What to expect from training at camp vs. regular classes or seminars.

seminar July 1st on Wing Chun forms in the water
Guys we will be understanding how the form effects yourself and the surroundings

Dan Inosanto Seminar - 2 days Sat and Sun10 hours August 20 - 21
Kali - Wing Chun - JKD - Silat

Seminar - August 21 Sunday 12 - 3
Wing Chun

Seminar for September 17 - this will be Wing Chun forms
and covering all the details involved in teaching and practicing the application of said forms

and the energy related to the movements.... family: