Dragon Wing Chun            ~  January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell

News From The Dragon ~

November 2, 2016


Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),


Elation and Glory!!!

That's how I feel after Instructor Camp last week and tonight. I ended camp with a personal bang only like someone as

myself can and I didn't know what I was going back to at class tonight. Well either the men were clueless or kept it to

themselves or mentioned my battle and decided they were ok with what happened. Either way, all were friendly and trained well and civilly tonight.

Well, you are probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Well, we were all training 2 on 1 with knives. Well, to put it shortly, I stirred the pot, went bezerk as a good viking should, and killed everybody.

Afterward, The Si Fu from Finland looked at me with a twisted NOT grin as if to say "what was that all about". He was the 20 year major warrior I killed twice.

When it was my time to enter the arena, against him and the other younger Fin, his student, (have in mind I had many conversations with him about Finland, Russia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the wars and tribes over there), Finland has a 1000+ mile border with Russia, The Fins have been fighting the Russians for 1000+ years, and during world war II, the Russians allied with Germany against the Fins(Finland).

He knows I am a Norwegian Viking, so I go out on the floor, I look into his eyes with glee and call him out like a Russian with the old saying "I am ready to do my duty for the mother land captain". I don't know if he sees the blue moon in my eye or not, but he should have known that  what  I said was that I was going to kill him or die trying.

We are all armed each with a single practice knife.

He is in front of me about 10 feet, the younger fin is to his left, my right, and he is moving in. I quickly glance at the younger with the corner of my right eye, and quickly thrust my knife right  into his throat and kill him. Yes, I went for the easy meat first, he was coming in anyway, and I instinctively got rid of the lesser threat right off the bat.

Then, of course, the big mature fin came at me and we exchanged blows, I think we were both stabbed, but it was a blur.

Then, we went for another bout. 2 on 1, the 2 fins and I. The younger came straight at me and I killed him again with a thrust to the body. The older fin came at me straight on again and we killed each other.

The whole thing took about 30 seconds, and I mean both bouts together.

So my Si Fu said, Ok James your dead. Go sit down. Later he kept glaring at me like he wanted to hit me or something. I was suppose to avoid those guys in the battle and stay alive, but that's not how I operate. It's always my game, it's never their's.

Well, You'll just have to talk to me if you want more, I'm tired of typing now at 1am. I do work you know. So I need to go to bed.


Had a great week at October instructor camp.

I did camp tue morning 10 to 1. All wing chun. I was #2 si hing so I led class with chum kiu form 3 times.

#1 si hing (the big mature Fin Si Fu) led chum kiu form only 2 times. I was better

Then class again from 4 to 630. All wing chun , chum kiu form techniques.

Wed. morning , 10 to 130, I was #1 si hing. I lead and help teach the chum kiu form, sword form and staff form. Also, section 1 of the dummy.. then we all went and had lunch with si fu. At 4 to 630 I lead chum kiu again as si hing #3.

Great that the past 2 days was total wing chun, day and night.

Thu and fri left to go and cookout party fri night

Instructor camp was great again Thursday. The first hour I helped Si fu train everyone on the 2 dummies he has. Then I lead the chum kiu form again. We covered swords and staff again then strike control break on the 12 gates.

This evening was kali, sticks and knives.

Im glad 5/8ths of the camp so far has been wing chun.

Friday morning was Wing Chun again. I led chum kiu again and help instruct on the dummies.

Friday night was Kali knife fighting.

Tue. November 1, during wing chun class, si fu told me to make sure everyone was doing the dummy correctly, me being #2 si hing to the # 1 si hing big fin si fu who was there. The younger fin was there too, he is going back to finland tomorrow, he told me he was glad he got to meet me. That made me happy.


So what was the moral of the story, what lesson is to be learned, WHY DID I DO IT?

I need to add a little more fill to this story.

The Si Fu from Finland has trained with me many many times for about 5 years.

I have been to his home, ate his food, swam in his pool, and socialized with his family.

The purpose of the match was for the two of them to gang on me, to attack me, two on one, to kill me with their knives. And for me to stay alive.

I am 40 years older than the younger. He is probably 25, he is a foot taller, longer legs and arms, longer reach, faster, stronger and more agile, and quick thinking. And no old injuries.

I am 20 years older than the 20 year Si Fu,
who has his own school in Finland, he teaches Wing Chun,

Kali and JKD (Jeet Kune Do). He is bigger than his student the younger. He is taller, stronger, more muscular, and heavier.


It was not anything special.

It is something I would do at anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

But that is it, isn't it? The right time, the right place, the right moment arrives. When dying time is here.

My intention was to show them that I did not fear them, neither of them, nor any of them,

nor the whole class, fake knives or not.

That I can kill them whenever I feel like it. That I am the super warrior, that I am the super.

 Elation and Glory.

For you softer folks out there, look at it this way.

Will you be..., and do..., what it takes...,

to save the lives of your children, to protect the lives of your loved ones, or friends, or your country.