Dragon Wing Chun            ~  January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell

News From The Dragon ~

November 22, 2016


Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui (Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters),



The holidays are here, but that does not stop us from training. The Dragon Wing Chun School classes at the Grapevine REC center are not effected. The REC center is open on Saturdays after Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year.

It is time now to register for December classes starting next Saturday December 3rd.

If you are not attending classes you are missing a great opportunity to earn your class credits, take your tests, earn your certificates, earn your belt rankings, to eventually become black belt instructors, starting at only $5.00 an hour at this time.


My students are really coming along. The older students have been attending classes for over a year now, receiving their certificates, passing their tests, earning their ranks, and learning the weapons and of course the dummy. The newer students are going strong, showing promise by attending regularly, and have the enthusiasm it takes to complete the requirements.

We have had several outtings, and seminars, and had a really great time together. I really appreciate them so much. Next outting probably in Feb or March, about the same time some of us will be attending the seminars of my Si Gung, Si Fu Francis Fong.


My Si Fu has another seminar coming up. Contact me if you want to attend.

December 3rd for a fantastic seminar on Strike Control Break and dealing with violence. We will be using Wing Chun and FMA as a base to study and understand how to deal with violence from the standpoint of being assaulted and or threatened by one or more subjects the cost is $75. Starts at 12 noon finished at 3:30